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Why the studio is hyped up! 

My Luxury Boudoir Studio is located in Downtown Bowling Green, KY and it’s a private space for you to be yourself; a complete judgement-free zone! I pride myself on providing excellent customer service, privacy, transparency, professionalism, and the ultimate luxury experience to each and every client!

The Studio has several different sets and props for everyone, as well as a client wardrobe with well over 300 pieces, sizes ranging from XS-5XL. A lot of hard work, time, and profits have went into providing the best, unique experience for clients, keeping in mind that we have something special for everyone! 

Sets that clients have access to with their session are the western set, boho bedroom set, band wall set, and girly egg chair set. You can add on bonus sets like shower, wet set, bondage, black silk sheets, 70s, and more! Whether you are feminine, masculine, or somewhere in the middle, there is something for you at the studio! 


Set Add-Ons ($100, or free when you pay or a collection in full before your session)  

- Shower
- Wet Set/Ice Cubes + Wet Tank or Tee
- Kitchen
- Neon 
- Honey Drip 
- Bondage (Honey Birdette)

- Silk Sheets (Red, Black, or Hot Pink) 
- 70s 
- Angel Wings 
- White Sheets 
- 420 
- Gamer Girl
- Minimalistic Backdrop (White, Black, Gray, Mocha, Rust, Deep Blue, Pink, and Red)  

**Couples Session is an additional $300 and cannot be added on as a free bonus.**



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