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Hi, I am Morgan, your personal hype woman and forever friend! I am a Christian, which I know is hard to believe in the nature of work I do, but I do what I do to show ALL women how beautifully created we are. Although Boudoir can be sexualized (and used as great gifts), what we thrive on at the studio is women empowerment + self love. I am also a mom of two littles, so I know how it feels to need a morning of feeling pampered to practice self care! 

Boudoir means so much to me and
I am so grateful to have found a passion that brings me just as much happiness and confidence as it does for my clients. I have met SO many empowering women and leave each session feeling like I have gained another friend. My team strives to make all of our clients feel comfortable, knowing the studio is always a judgment-free zone. I have created a studio space to feel like home, where you can feel comfortable, be yourself, have fun and feel empowered! 

Along with our clients, we are unapologetically ourselves. We don't make our clients look like anyone they are not, but bring out their best features through makeup and posing/wardrobe suggestions. We love showing how beautiful our clients are by just being themselves, but through creativity, art, experience, and my camera lens.

The whole team loves a good girls day, so we are there to give you an EPIC girls day, too! I have hand-picked a team that is equally as outgoing as myself, with blooming personalities; ensuring we all have a good time together! 

If you think our team sounds pretty awesome, we would love to create some magic with you! Reach out and let's get to know each other more!  ​


I asked my clients to tell me why they chose me as their Boudoir Photographer. This is what they said... 


"For me, it was meeting you in person. That sold me. You set down. You talked to me. And you LISTENED. You understood what i wanted and how i felt. You took note of my insecurities i told you. And you are so patient."

Kelsey H. 


A few things about me... 

I have been a photographer since 2017, but it's been a passion since I was 11.


I did not graduate with a degree; I am self taught!


I will be 34 this year, I am married to my husband of 6 years, and we have 3 wiener dogs and 2 babies! 

I have at least 2 cups of coffee a day and still complain about being tired, haha! 

You will most definitely always find me in leggings and a sweatshirt. I am a creature of habit. 

I either talk too much because I am nervous, or I don't talk at all because I am nervous. I am an anxious introvert, with a little bit of extrovertness in me. 

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