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Morgan Harris 

Owner and Photographer

I started doing Boudoir Photography about 6 years ago and it quickly became something big for me in so many ways. Not only did it provide a full-time income for myself, but it was something I became passionate about, loved doing, it didn't always feel like work because it's so much fun, and it brought me just as much confidence as it did my clients. 

Over the years, I have found myself loving helping other Boudoir Photographers grow their business and encourage them to keep pushing through a tough industry. Let's be honest, it's pretty cut throat out here and it is nice to have someone to lean on. I didn't have that throughout my Boudoir Photography journey, so I wanted to be that shoulder to lean on for others. 

A bit about mentoring with me... 

In the past 3-4 years, I have worked really hard to build my brand up to what it is today. I moved into my first studio, out of that studio, and into my second. My first year in a studio was during COVID year... scary, right? BUT it was amazing. The following year was my first 6-figure year. I have learned a lot over the years by trial and error, lots of practice, lots of blood, sweat, and tears! I wanted to start offering mentoring sessions, so you don't have to go through all the trial and error - you will already know what works and what doesn't. However, you will still need to put in the hard work! I am here to help walk you through it and encourage you every step of the way! 

What you will learn: 

How to Shoot + Pose 

How to Market Yourself 

How to Earn a 6-Figure Income 

For mentoring sessions, I hire a model and professional hair and makeup artist. We go through the luxury service I provide my clients and you will shoot alongside of me. I will show camera settings, explain lighting, walk you through posing, and show you how to shoot where minimal editing is needed. 

I will explain the best ways to market yourself, what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing. What you should post and advertise on your social media, as well as what your website should include. 

I will explain how you should price yourself based on experience and quality, what you should offer, what you need and don't need, explain overhead costs, and how to offer In-Person Sales and what products are best to offer your clients. 


"My boudoir mentorship with Morgan was beyond my wildest dreams! I left with so much knowledge and confidence on how to not only direct poses but also the session!

We started with a hands on session complete with hair and makeup + model! Morgan was very open about her settings + little tips to make images pop. Her expertise with posing was amazing to witness. I truly felt mind blown!

I also got to sit down with her and pick her brain regarding sessions, editing, and the business side! She was well prepared for any and all questions I asked. Morgan was so encouraging and made it so easy to learn from her!

I am forever grateful for this experience! Morgan gave me the tools to feel confident that I can fully step into my boudoir business! She’s such a boss and I feel blessed to have gotten to learn from her! If you’re thinking of booking a mentorship with her stop waiting + just go for it! You won’t regret it!"

- Makayla Jackson, Kayla Jackson Photo

More Images from Kayla Jackson...

Images were taking during her mentoring session, then edited by her with her own style. Kayla can use these images for advertising, social media, and her website! 

Reviews from other Mentees

"I had a mentoring session with Morgan and I left feeling 10x more confident in myself and my business. She has taught me everything from how to shoot manual, what settings mean on my camera, to even business tax and legal stuff. She truly knows this business inside and out and is such an inspiration to me! She is the true definition of a girl boss and you will discover that quickly. She is also super honest about anything you ask her. Since my mentor session I have learned so many qualities and skills that have helped my business succeed. I am able to take what I learned at my mentor session and use it to confidently assist my clients in any kind of lighting and posing situation! I feel like I really and truly owe half of my success in this business to Morgan because while I’m doing it, it just wouldn’t be the same without the experience and learning I’ve had from her. In my eyes, she is the queen of photography and I truly learned from the best. If you are thinking about booking a mentor session— DO IT! Your business will thank you later!"

Adrianna Sutton Boudoir By Adri


"I had boudoir mentor sessions with Morgan and WOW!!!! She went through literally everything imaginable from start to finish. From posing, to lighting, all the way to legal questions I have never felt more comfortable to start doing boudoir sessions on my own. She gave me the push and knowledge I needed to gain clients and keep them! I learned so much about how to interact with clients and make them feel so comfortable in-front of the camera. Until I started mentoring with Morgan, I had no idea how much my business could be taken to the next level. I have had previous clients who reached out again just to do boudoir!! I have nothing but love and respect to Morgan for everything she’s done for me and my business!

- Tori Thompson Boudoir by Tori T.


Ready to take your Boudoir Photography business to the next level? 

Let's chat! Send me an email to get started.

Take a Look at My Studio

My private studio is located in Bowling Green, KY (right off exit 22) and is full of neutral colors, mid-century modern decor, with pops of earthy tones!

My space is also available for rent by other professional photographers. 

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